Introducing the new SMART Notebook 2014

Launching on the 14th April, SMART Notebook 2014 offers a new wealth of features included to make your lessons more engaging and interactive including:

  • New – Advanced maths functionality for Windows and Mac classrooms with GeoGebra integration.
  • Included – Rich formative assessment with SMART Response VE for students using mobile devices enabling teachers to monitor understanding and attainment.
  • Included – 3D tools and ink editing, ideal for teaching English and humanities.
  • New – XC collaborative brainstorming tool for 1:1 classroom.
  • Plus many more exciting new features.

Click here to see Notebook 2014 in action

SMART Notebook 2014 is only available when you subscribe to the Notebook Advantage program, an optional annual subscription through which you will gain the most up to date software along with regular updates and features throughout your subscription.

For more information about Notebook Advantage, please click here.

Using SMART Notebook with other brands of interactive hardware

SMART is now enabling select third-party interactive hardware manufacturers to offer SMART Notebook software to new and existing customers.

This programme provides schools with more options in their choice of interactive hardware, while making it easier to standardise on SMART Notebook software throughout.

Please note that SMART Notebook is optimised for use on SMART hardware and therefore full functionality may not be experienced on 3rd party non-SMART displays. Should you have any queries concerning functionality, please contact Focused Vision on  0845 5390089 or contact us here

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SMART Notebook Software requirements for use with discontinued SMART Hardware

SMART continues to develop and release a number of new interactive products designed to provide 21st century learning in the modern classroom.

However, with such a wide array of older SMART interactive hardware released but no longer available, it is important to understand which corresponding version of the SMART Notebook Collaborative Learning software could still be used to offer you the most powerful learning solution available.

The following web link provides information on the latest version of the software that can be used alongside each discontinued model of SMART Interactive hardware.

Please note that the supported SMART product drivers version will be the same as the SMART Notebook Collaborative Learning software version (i.e. Product Drivers 11 SP2 = SMART Notebook 11.0 Service Pack 2)