Dension CPX-1 Review

It is always nice when we have the time to get a closer look at some of the technology we use for our client solutions.  As a reseller of Signagelive digital signage, the cloud based digital signage platform we were excited when we heard about the collaboration between Signagelive and Dension with the launch of the CPX-1 media player bundle.

We are always looking at ways that we can help clients reduce their costs when deploying digital signage, and one area we are seeing changes is with the media player technology which has tended to be a quite expensive part of the equation.

With an end user price of £499 plus VAT, inclusive of a 3 year Signagelive licence and 3 year hardware warranty, the Dension CPX-1 bundle is helping our clients reduce their digital signage costs.

The box and what’s in the box

No need for fancy packaging the media player is shipped in a plain white box, which contains the Dension CPX-1 media player, mains adaptor, Wi-Fi aerial and a simple instruction sheet. The media player uses the Android OS, again the advantage of Signagelive is the support of different OS platforms and devices whilst enabling them to all work on the same digital signage network.

In terms of size the CPX-1 is a very compact metal unit, measuring 11.5cm (w) x 6.5cm (d) x 2cm (h) so it can easily sit behind a display screen or be hidden out of sight.



There is an Ethernet port for wired network access as well as Wi-Fi via the small black aerial which screws to the side of the unit. Output to the display screen is HDMI at Full HD 1920 x 1080 with support for lower resolutions. There is also a HDMI input for delivering picture in picture content as well as Line Out for audio if needed. Keeping you informed on what is happening with the media player is a bank of funky blue LEDs showing Power, Network, Internet , Status and finally a USB slot for connection of a keyboard to enable setup.



This is really so simple. Just insure the media player is powered on and plug-in your USB keyboard. Hitting the Esc key takes you into a simple menu allowing you setup the network side of things and if you want to change display setting then just hit the Insert key. As Signagelive is pre-installed all you need to do is active your licence on your Signagelive network and you are ready to deploy content to the media player.


In our opinion the Dension CPX-1 media player is a great piece of kit which is very attractively priced (£499 plus VAT) when you consider it includes the 3 year Signagelive licence, and this fact has already won favour with several of our clients who have been thinking about digital signage, and who are now deploying digital signage on existing screens with all the benefits of the cloud platform using the Dension CPX-1 player and Signagelive.

If you would like to know more about the Dension CPX-1 media player, Signagelive or are looking for guidance on setting up your digital signage network please contact our sales team

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