Digital Signage Installation – Software and Hardware

Digital Signage is revolutionising the way schools and business organisations display information to internal and external customers.

Imagine being able to update all the posters, flyers and notice boards that you have scattered across your organisation with just a few mouse clicks. Imagine being able to animate your posters, make the text move, show live TV and improve the visibility of the information you wish to display.

A Digital Signage solution is based around a display device or series of display devices, which are used to show constantly changing video, graphics, text, and animation. It is a dynamic display and can include LED displays screens and projectors.

Focused Vision is committed to helping clients realise the benefits that Digital Signage can bring to their school and business. Whether you require just a single LED reception display or series of LED display devices throughout your organisation we can help design, install and support a solution that meets your Digital Signage needs and help maximize your ROI.

Digital Signage installation from Focused Vision will offer

  • Control of multiple screens at multiple locations individually, as a whole or any other combination.
  • Play recorded and live video, display text, static, fading, rolling, and scrolling.
  • Display graphics, company logos, photos with annotations, play animations and flash movies.
  • Schedule content to be shown at a certain time or date and deliver a targeted message.
  • Give directions, room layouts and room booking or usage information.
  • Show live statistics from 3rd party applications such as a call centre system.
  • Integrate video feeds from video conferencing calls either live or recorded sessions.


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