Digital Signage Education

With the cost of large format electronic displays reducing, Digital Signage in Education is seeing an increase in use from Primary right the way up to Universities, enabling the delivery of  up to the minute information to staff and pupils across multiple sites and moving away from traditional print material and cork notice boards and into a digital realm.

As with many technologies, as the cost reduces the opportunities to take advantage of these technologies becomes more attractive.  All education establishment s are awash with information and finding a way to deliver it effectively and quickly has always been a challenge. Traditional print or photocopies handed out or posted up around the campus are now becoming a thing of the past, as we as consumers are more accustomed to our information being delivered in bite size pieces in a digital format, even our mobile phones now deliver more digital information than we could have imagined 10 years ago.

An Education deployment is typically based on the installation of a series of large format displays in key areas such as reception, the library and canteen. Most likely LCD or increasingly LED screens will be installed, but projectors or even the classroom desktop can be used to deliver content. The content will consist of images, videos, live TV, web pages, ticker text, RSS feeds and static text, some systems also allow the integration of data streams from 3rd party applications.

Content is delivered by a digital signage media player, which can be either a separate box or embedded within the screen, with the operating system being either windows or possibly Linux based.

The media players can be installed behind the screen or in ceiling voids; they will require a power socket and are connected to the schools network infrastructure, but it can be possible to upload content locally if required.  As with all digital signage solutions, the hardware is the relatively easy bit, it’s the software application that is the key to an effective deployment.  This software needs to be easy to use, easy to manage and should have the ability to schedule the required content at the required time, either on premise or via the cloud, such as Signagelive.

Often overlooked, there needs to be consideration to who has responsibility for creating the digital content, scheduling and day to day management of the signage network.

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