Digital Signage for Business

Digital Signage for Business’s Large and Small

Business’s across the globe are looking for effective ways to communicate their brand values and Corporate identity and  the deployment of a Digital Signage network enables them to convey these messages externally to potential customers  but also within the organisation to staff in an effective and consistent manner in all departments and any geographic location.

Digital Signage empowers your business and enables you to engage with your employees and clients in a way that is dynamic, meaningful and relevant. It provides you with the immediacy to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

Within a business Digital Signage allows you to develop your employees’ knowledge of your company and its successes. Delivering ‘good news’ customer service and corporate stories in your content can raise staff morale and provide employees with the information to act as company ambassadors.

The deployment is typically based on the installation of a series of large format displays in key areas across the organisation. Most likely large format LCD or increasingly LED screens will be installed, but projectors or even the employees desktop can be used to deliver content. This content will consist of images, videos, live TV, IPTV streams, web pages, ticker text, Media RSS feeds and static text

Content is delivered over the signage network by a series of digital signage media player connected to a screen or group of screens; these can be either a separate hardware box or embedded within the display screens, with the operating system being either Windows, Linux or SMIL based.

The media players can be installed behind the screen or in ceiling voids; they will require a power socket and are connected to the business network infrastructure, but it can be possible to upload content locally if required.

As with all digital signage solutions, the hardware is the relatively easy bit, it’s the software application that is the key to an effective deployment.  This software needs to be easy to use, easy to manage and should have the ability to schedule the required content at the required time, either on premise or via the cloud.

Focused Vision can offer a solution from 1 screen to 100 screens, tailored to meet your companies’ needs in a scalable and manageable way, please complete this form and we will contact you to discuss your requirment.

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